what's puberty£¿.
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what's puberty£¿

One evening£¬in the midst of dinner preparation£¬our 10 yearold daughter asked£¬¡°Mom my£¬what's puberty£¿¡±My wife was rushed at the moment£¬so she suggested that Peggy look up the word in the dictionary£¬after which they could talk about it.

A few minutes later£¬Peggy returned.Her mother asked what the dictionary had said.¡°Puberty means£¬¡±announced Peggy£¬¡°the earliest age at which a girl is able to bear children.¡±

¡°What do you think of that£¿¡± my wife asked.

¡°I'm not sure£¬¡± Peggy replied.¡°I've always been able to bear children.It's adults I can't bear.¡±
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