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1. A Real Thinker (5/8/2010)
   In the men's room at work, the Boss had placed a sign directly above the sink. It had a single word on it -- Think! The next day, when he went to the men's r
2. A dog names Sales (5/8/2010)
   An American earned some bonus from his work and he thought he deserved a hunting trip to Canada. When he came to Canada he popped in a hunting store for renti
3. A college student (5/8/2010)
   A college student is home for the summer from college, and is looking for a job. he goes to k-mart, and fills out an application. a few days later, the manage
4. Why Im tired (5/8/2010)
   Yes, I'm tired. For several years I've been blaming it on iron-poor blood, lack of vitamins, air pollution, water pollution, saccharin, obesity, dieting, yell
5. Sometimes ... (5/8/2010)
   Sometimes ... when you cry ... no one sees your tears ... Sometimes...when you are one sees your pain... Sometimes ... when you are happy ... no
6. Things youd really like to say at work! (5/8/2010)
   01. I can see your point, but you're still full of crap. 02. I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronouce. 03. I see you've set aside
7. What on earth!!! (5/8/2010)
   Two college students, Frank and Matt, are riding on a New York City subway when a beggar approaches them asking for spare change. Frank adamantly rejects the
8. The Unhappy Nun (5/8/2010)
   The contemplative routine of the convent was being disrupted by the presence of workmen converting the electrical service from overhead lines to buried cable.
9. The Taxi Ride. (5/8/2010)
   A tourist is picked up by a cabbie in New York on a dark night. The passenger taps the driver on the shoulder to ask him something. The driver screams, loses
10. You know you are a teacher if... (5/8/2010)
   You believe the staff room should be equipped with a Valium salt lick. You find humor in other people's stupidity. You want to slap the next person who says M
11. The SUPER Salesman... (5/8/2010)
   A man walks into an insurance office and asks for a job. Sorry, we don't need anyone... they replied. You can't afford not to hire me. I can sell anyone anyt
12. The Smart Clerk! (5/8/2010)
   A really huge muscular guy with a bad stutter goes to a counter in a dept. store and asks - W-w-w-where`s the m-m-m-men`s dep-p-p-partment? The clerk behind
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