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1. Business one-liners 39 (5/8/2010)
    The first time is for love, the next time is $200. The floggings will continue until morale improves. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of
2. Business one-liners 38 (5/8/2010)
    The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement. The elevator always comes after you have put down your bag. The explanation of
3. Business one-liners 37 (5/8/2010)
    The crucial memorandum will be snared in the out-basket. The deadline is one week after the original deadline. The deficiency will never show itself during the
4. Business one-liners 36 (5/8/2010)
    The bigger they are, the harder they hit. The book you spent $20.95 for today will come out in paperback tomorrow. The business plan you prepare must be a lie;
5. Business one-liners 35 (5/8/2010)
    The think positive leader tends to listen to his subordinate's premonitions only during the postmortems. The amount of flak received on any subject is inversel
6. Business one-liners 34 (5/8/2010)
    Success is the active process of making your dreams real and inspiring others to dream. - James Anders Honeycutt Suicide is the most sincere form of self-crit
7. Business one-liners 33 (5/8/2010)
    Some of it plus the rest of it is all of it. Some see things as they are and ask 'why?'; I dream of things that never were and ask 'why not?' - George Bernard
8. Business one-liners 32 (5/8/2010)
    Seisline prayer: O Lord, grant that we may always be right, for thou knowest we will never change our minds. Sanity and insanity overlap a fine gray line. Say
9. Business one-liners 31 (5/8/2010)
    Real programmers don't grumble about the disadvantages of Fortran when they don't know any other language. Real programmers don't notch their desks for each co
10. Business one-liners 30 (5/8/2010)
    Programming errors which would normally require one day to find will take five days when the programmer is in a hurry. Progress is made by lazy men looking for
11. Business one-liners 29 (5/8/2010)
    Persons disagreeing with your facts are always emotional and employ faulty reasoning. Pessimists have already begun to worry about what is going to replace aut
12. Business one-liners 28 (5/8/2010)
    People who complain about the way the ball bounces usually dropped it. People who love sausage and respect the law should never watch either of them being made
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