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A doctor, an engineer, and a lawyer go out hunting in the woods one day. Each
of them brings along his hunting dog, and they spend most of the morning arguing
about which of the dogs is the smartest.

Early in the afternoon, they discover a clearing in the forest. In the middle
of the clearing is a large pile of animal bones. Seeing the bones, the doctor
turns to the others and says: I'm going to prove to you two that my dog is the
smartest. Watch this.

He then calls his dog over and says: Bones. See the bones? Go get 'em.

The dog rushes over to the pile, rummages around for a bit, and then proceeds
to build a replica of the human skeleton, perfect down to the last detail. The
doctor grins smugly.

Totally unimpressed, the engineer says: That's nothing. Watch this. He calls
his dog over, and points out the pile. Bones. Get the bones.

The dog rushes over, tears down the skeleton, and in its place builds a
perfect replica of the Eiffel Tower. It even has little French flag waving at
the top. The doctor is forced to agree the engineer's dog is smarter than his.

The lawyer, however, is still not impressed. My dog is smarter. Watch. He
then calls his dog over, points to the pile, and says simply Bones.

The dog rushes over to the pile, tears down the tower, eats half the bones,
buries the other half, screws the other two dogs, and takes the rest of the
afternoon off.
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