Tried It Once.
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Tried It Once

An accountant was attending a tax seminar in Las Vegas. The lawyer sitting
next to him was obviously bored with the pre- senter, and suggested the two of
them slip out to the lobby for a cigar.
The accountant replied, Well, thank you for the invite, but I tried smoking
cigars once, and I didn't like them...I'll have to pass.
A few minutes passed, and the lawyer said, This is a very tiresome
presentation... how about we slip down to the bar and have a cocktail?
The accountant replied, Oh, I tried drinking once, but I didn't like it very
Finally, after about a half hour, the lawyer says, Listen, tonight after the
seminar a couple of us is heading to the tables to do some gambling. Would you
care to join us?
The accountant replied, You know, I tried gambling once, but it just didn't
appeal to me... but I'll tell you what. My son is flying in tonight, and he
might want to tag along with you.
To which the lawyer said, Your son? Let me only child?
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