It Doesnt Work Like That.
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It Doesnt Work Like That

A truck driver was going south on I-75, when he came upon a weight station.
When he pulled in and got on the scales to be weighed, the scale master told the
driver that he was 900lbs. over weight. The truck driver replied, I can take
care or that. The scale master asked him how he could fix the problem. The
driver said, let me go around back, and I'll fix the overweight problem. The
scale master agreed to let him fix his problem. About half an hour later the
truck driver got back on the scales, and the scale master said, driver, you are
still 900lbs. over weight. The truck driver said, I don't understand what went
wrong. I let 50lbs. out of each tire on the rig. After thinking the problem over
the scale master said, well 18 tires times 50lbs. would equal 900lbs. I guess my
scales must be wrong. I'm sorry driver, you may continue on down the road, and
have a nice day.
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