Accountant in Heaven.
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Accountant in Heaven

An accountant dies and goes to Heaven. He reaches the pearly gates and is amazed to see a happy crowd all waving banners and chanting his name.

After a few minutes St. Peter comes running across and says, I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you personally. God is looking forward to meeting such a remarkable man as yourself.

The accountant is perplexed. I've tried to lead a good life, but I am overwhelmed by your welcome, he tells St. Peter.

It's the least we can do for someone as special as you are. Imagine, living to the age of 123 and still looking so young, says St. Peter.

The man looks even more dumbfounded and replies, 123 years old? I don't know what you mean. I'm only 40.

St. Peter replies, But that can't be right - we've seen your time sheets!

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