Rookie Officer.
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Rookie Officer

A rookie officer pulled over a guy who was speeding.
Officer: May I see your license?

Man: It is not valid. It has been revoked 5 times.

Officer: Well then can I please see the registration to the car?

Man: this is not my car. I carjacked it.

Officer: Well open up the glove box and let me see who it is registered to.

Man: I can't open up the glove box; it has my loaded gun in there

about this time the officer is reaching for his gun.

Officer: Well what do you have a gun in the glove box for?

Manor, I used to kill my wife who is stuffed in the trunk.

The officer goes over and calls for backup. The police chief comes over and

Chief: Let me get this straight, you are driving on a license that has been
revoked 5 times?

Man: No, Here, take a look,

and sure enough it was valid

Chief: Okay, but you carjacked this car?

Man: No it is my car. Let me get the registration out of the glove box and
show you.

Chief: But don't you have a loaded gun in there?

Man: NO

And sure enough there was no gun in there and the car belonged to the man.

Chief: Well it is my understanding that you shot your wife and she is in the

Man: No, let me open it for you.

And sure enough there was nobody in the trunk.

Man: And let me guess, the lying son-of-a-gun probably told you I was speeding
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