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   Humorous Bar jokes
1. So Did I (8/7/2009)
    A guy walks into a bar and orders a drink.After a few more he needs to go to washroom.He doesn't want anyone to steal his drink so he puts a sign on it saying ,`I spat in this beer
2. Two Attorneys (7/31/2009)
   Two attorneys went into a restaurant and ordered two drinks. Then they brought out sandwiches from their briefcases and started to eat. The owner marched over and told them, `You can't eat your own sandwiches here!`
3. Message For The Manager (11/26/2008)
   A very attractive woman goes up to the bar in a quiet rural pub. She gestures alluringly to the bartender, who comes over immediately. When he arrives, she seductively signals that he should bring his face closer to hers.
4. 25 year old Scotch Expert (11/26/2008)
   A man traveling on business, walks into a local bar, sits down and asks the bartender for a shot of 25 year old scotch. The bartender looking to have a little fun, and make a few extra dollars, pours the guy a shot of bar brand scotch.
5. Three vampires and The waitress (11/26/2008)
   Three vampires walk into a bar and sit down at a table. The waitress comes over and asks the first vampire what he would like. The first vampire responds, `I vould like some blood.`
6. The Wife Control (11/26/2008)
   There were three guys talking in a bar. Two of them are talking about the amount of control they have over their wives, while the third remains quiet.
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