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1. How to Get the Skunk out! (4/3/2011)
   `We have a skunkin the basement,` shrieked the caller to the police dispatcher . `How can we get it out?` `Take some bread crumbs ,` said the dispatcher, `and put down a trail from the basement out to the back yard. Then leave the cellar door open.`
2. The value of a second language (4/3/2011)
   A mother mouse was out for a stroll with her babies when she spotted a cat crouched behind a bush. She watched the cat, and the cat watched the mic.
3. Flying in the plane (5/8/2010)
    Two hunters got a pilot to fly them into the far north for elk hunting. They were quite successful in their venture and bagged six big bucks. The pilot came ba
4. Dropped your wallet (5/8/2010)
    Two fishermen were out on the lake when one of them dropped his wallet. As they watched the wallet float down to the depths of the lake, a carp came along and
5. Fish cost a fortune (5/8/2010)
    Two Virginia rednecks go on a fishing trip. They rent all the equipment - the reels, the rods, the wading suits, the rowboat, the car, and even a cabin in the
6. Two men camping (5/8/2010)
    Two young men were out in the woods on a camping trip, when the came upon this great trout brook. They stayed there all day, enjoying the fishing, which was su
7. Write for mail order (5/8/2010)
    An elderly fisherman wrote to a mail order house the following: Please send me one of those gasoline engines for my boat you show on page 438, and if it's any
8. Go on a hiking trip (5/8/2010)
    Sherlock Holmes and Matthew Watson were on a camping and hiking trip. They had gone to bed and were lying there looking up at the sky. Holmes said, Watson, lo
9. I marked the spot (5/8/2010)
    Two friends rented a boat and fished in a lake every day. One day they caught 30 fish. One guy said to his friend, Mark this spot so that we can come back her
10. I have a question (5/8/2010)
    A father and son went fishing one day. While they were out in the boat, the boy suddenly became curious about the world around him. He asked his father, How do
11. Where is my goat? (5/8/2010)
    There were these two guys out hiking when they came upon an old, abandoned mine shaft. Curious about its depth they threw in a pebble and waited for the sound
12. Hunting with a wife (5/8/2010)
    A hunter visited another hunter and was given a tour of his home. Ibn the den was a stuffed lion. The visiting hunter asked, when did you bag him? The host sa
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