The Christmas Parrot.
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The Christmas Parrot

A guy walks into a store for some last-minute Christmas shopping, and sees a
parrot for sale. He asks the clerk what the parrot's name is and the clerk tells
him its Chat. He also tells the man that this is one amazing parrot. If you put
a match under his left foot, it sings 揓ingle Bells,?and if you put a match
under its left foot, it sings, 揇eck the Halls.?

The man thinks that is the coolest thing he's ever seen, so he decides to buy
it for his wife. So he gets home, and puts it away. Then he wonders what will
happen if he puts it a match between its legs, so he tries it, and the parrot
starts singing 揅hat抯 nuts roasting over an open fire....?
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