Big Testicles.
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Big Testicles

A tourist is in Spain, and goes to a fancy restaurant for dinner. As he looks
around, he notices a diner being served a beautifully garnished dish with two
gigantic meatballs in the middle. When the waiter asks him for his order, the
man asks him about the meatball dish. The waiter explains that the meatballs are
bull's testicles, and when the bull loses the bullfight, the bull is brought to
the restaurant, and this beautiful dish is made.
The diner tells the waiter that he wants the bulls testicles for dinner, but
the waiter tells him that only one bull a day is brought to the restaurant, but
he can have it tommorrow. The diner agrees. The next day the diner goes to the
restaurant, and orders the testicle dish. When his food is brought out, he
notices that the meatballs are extremely small. He mentions this to the waiter,
and the waiter replies, ''Well sir you have to understand, sometimes the bull

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