NFL Team Nick Names - Part I.
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NFL Team Nick Names - Part I

When a football team is having trouble getting into the win column, fans
usually assign a more appropriate name to describe that team's performance.

Denver Broncos = Denver Donkeys
Kansas City Chiefs = Kansas City Griefs
Los Angeles Raiders = Los Angeles Faders
San Diego Chargers = San Diego Rechargers
Seattle Seahawks = Seattle Weehawks

Cincinnati Bengals = Cincinnati Plaingels
Cleveland Browns = Cleveland Clowns
Houston Oilers = Houston Spoilers
Pittsburgh Steelers = Pittsburgh Reelers

Buffalo Bills = Buffalo Nils = Buffalo Spills
Indianapolis Colts = Indianapolis Dolts
Miami Dolphins = Miami Stallfins =Miami Soft Ones
New England Patriots = New England Patsys
New York Jets = New York Pets = New York Not Yets.

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