Mike Tyson One-Liners.
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Mike Tyson One-Liners

Tyson's psychologist told Mike to take a year off. He obviously misunderstood.
Good thing he didn't say two.

Evander after the fight: Maybe I shouldn't have told him to 'Bite Me'.

Tyson's favorite football team: the Tampa Bay Buc-an-EARS.

For the third fight between Mike and Evander, Tyson wants it to be held in
Earie, PA.

They are making a new boxing term for Tyson. Instead of KO, it will be a Van
Gogh. Evander was Van Gogh-ed in the third.

Can't beat um? Eat um.

If Tyson fights Golatta, is it more points for a low blow or an ear bite?

In this corner Evander the Real Meal Holyfield!

Before the fight, Mike's trainer told him to get a piece of Holyfield. Oops,
bad advice.

Iron BITE Tyson, the heavyweight CHOmp of the world.

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