20ft Birdie Putt.
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20ft Birdie Putt

One day a young fella walked into the golf course club house looking for a
game. The attendant said there was a young lady about to tee off on the first
tee by herself The young fella went out and joined her for 18 holes. When on the
18th green, the young fella had a 25ft putt for a birdie and the young lady had
a 20ft birdie putt. The young fella was about to putt his 25 footer , when he
stopped and looked up at the young lady and said, You know, I've enjoyed myself
so much today that if I make this 25ft birdie putt, I'll take you out for
wineing and dining to the best places in town. With that he putts his 25 footer
in for a birdie. The young lady steps up to her 20 ft birdie, stops and says,
If I make this 20ft birdie putt, that after our wineing and dining, I'll take
you back to my place for wild times all night. Just as she goes to putt, the
young fella hollers out, Hold it! Thats a gimme, pick it up!
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