Stan and Norm.
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Stan and Norm

Stan and Norm are out for a round of golf when Stan hits his ball into the
rough. As they are looking for the ball, Stan spots a beautiful blonde using a
bush for a restroom. He grabs Norm and they both hide behind a tree while they
have a look.

This is incredible. A beautiful woman like that actually relieving herself in
the woods. says Stan.

Yeah, says Norm And I bet she won't even wipe her behind when she's

Stan is aghast. No way! A beautiful woman like that would never be so

Norm replied, I'm telling you she isn't going to wipe.

How do you know? asked Stan.

I just do. replied Norm. I'm so confident, in fact, that I'll bet you ten
dollars she doesn't wipe her behind.

You're on! said Stan, thinking he was on to a sure thing.

Suddenly Norm stepped out from behind the tree and shouted Hey, what do you
think you're doing?
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