The Pitch.
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The Pitch

There once were two best friends named Bob and Earl. They were two of the
biggest baseball fans in America. Their entire adult lives revolved around
baseball. Bob and Earl discussed baseball history in the winter, and they
examined every box score during the season. They went to over 60 games a year.
They even agreed that whoever died first would try to come back and tell the
other if there was baseball in heaven.

One summer night, Bob passed away in his sleep after watching a Yankee victory
earlier in the evening. He died a happy man.

A few nights later, his buddy Earl awoke to the sound of Bob's voice from

Bob is that you? Earl asked.

Of course it me, Bob replied.

This is unbelievable! Earl exclaimed, So tell me, is there baseball in

Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you. Which do you want to
hear first?

Tell me the good news first.

Well, the good news is that there is baseball in heaven, Earl.

Oh, that is wonderful! So what could possibly be the bad news?

You're pitching tomorrow night.
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