Superbowl madness.
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Superbowl madness

A local bean farmer was blessed with a wonderful crop this fall. In fact he
had so many beans, he needed to unload them somehow. With all the hoopla about
the upcoming Super Bowl, he decided that would be a good venue to reach more
people. With this in mind he went to the local TV station to speak with the
advertising manager.

The farmer said, I would like to purchase a minute or two during the Super
Bowl to advertise my wonderful beans. I have such a bountiful crop of beans of
all kinds; pinto beans, lima beans, navy beans, red beans . . .

The sales manager said, Ok, Ok, I get the message. And what would you be able
to pay for this amount of prime advertising time?

The farmer scratched his beard, looked off, then said, very solemnly, I'd be
willing to go as high as $300 to reach those folks.

$300? the manager yelled, You must be out of your mind!!! The current
sponsors pay through the nose to get the exposure of the Super Bowl! For
example, the makers of Kotex pay MILLIONS of dollars to reach the audience!

The farmer very evenly replied, I'm sure that's right. But those people are
out for blood. I'm just farting around.
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