High tech golf.
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High tech golf

Four international executives are playing golf. On the third hole a ringing
sound is heard. The British golfer fumbles in his bag, picks out his cellular
phone, turns away from his partners and has a brief conversation.

Terribly sorry chaps, but one has to keep one's finger on the pulse and all
that. His companions murmur acknowledgment.

On the fourth hole there is another ring. The American says excuse me,
places his thumb to his ear and holds his pinkie near his mouth, and has an
intense conversation. He turns back to the bewildered group.

Oh, this is the latest thing on the Coast, he says I've got a microphone
grafted into my pinkie and a receiver in my thumb. It's really convenient.

They play on for a few more holes, at which point there is a loud ring. The
German, who had been leaning over his putt, snaps to attention. Ja, verstehen,
verstehen, ja, ja. Auf Wiedersehen. He snaps back to normal.

This is really the state of art, he tells his playing partners. I have the
microphone grafted into my lower lip, and the receiver grafted into my earlobe.
All I have to do to answer the telephone is to straighten my neck. Everyone is

Finally, on the 18th hole, muted chimes are heard. The Japanese businessman
drops his clubs, blurts so sorry and runs into the bushes. Everyone waits.

After 15 minutes the American goes to check on his colleague. He finds Mr.
Tanaka squatting, trousers around his ankles, eyes closed and grimacing. You
okay, Tanaka-san? he asks.

Everything is fine, Mr. Tanaka replies. Just awaiting fax from home
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