The Fishing Groom.
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The Fishing Groom

A man and his newlywed check into a mountain resort by a lake. The desk clerk
notices the Just Married sign still on the car. As soon as the man gets the
luggage out of the car, he hops in a boat to go fishing.

He is out all day, comes back for a quick supper, picks up his lantern and
goes back out at night. This goes on for a couple of days when the man happens
to stop by the desk. The clerk starts a conversation with the man and mentions
his behavior.

I know it's none of my business, but I was wondering why you weren't having
sex with your new wife.

Oh, I couldn't do that; she has gonorrhea.

Well, what about anal sex?

Couldn't do that; she has diarrhea.

There is always oral sex.

Nope, she has pyorrhea.

Wait a second. If she has gonorrhea, diarrhea, and pyorrhea, why did you
marry her?

That's easy. She also has worms, and I love to fish!
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