Shooting par.
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Shooting par

A retired gentleman spent most afternoons at the local golf course. Every day
he would spend about three hours out on the course, playing a round by himself.
When he would return to the clubhouse, the resident pro would inquire about his

Ed, how'd you shoot today? to which the man would always reply, Another
perfect par.

The golf pro (being of average intelligence) knew that there was no way the
old man was shooting straight par every day. But since he was a regular
customer, he didn't want to insult the man by accusing him of lying.

Finally, one day, the pro decided to accompany the old man on his daily round,
just to see for himself.

On the first tee, the older gentleman sliced the ball way off into the rough.
He found his ball, but his second shot was even worse. Finally, putting it into
the first hole (a par 4) took him 8 swings.

The golf pro thought to himself, I knew it! This guy's been lying all this
time. There is no way he is gonna shoot anywhere NEAR par.

They continued on, and the old man's game stayed the same, never once getting
a par on any one hole. After almost 3 hours, they teed off on the 13th hole. The
old man actually hit it straight down the middle -- It was the best shot he had
made all day! He promptly walked down the fairway to his ball, picked it up, and
began walking back to the clubhouse.

The pro was confused. Hey, that was a great shot! Where are you going now?

Oh, I'm done, the old man replied with a smile. That shot was number 72 . .
. another perfect par!
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