Experimenting Marine.
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Experimenting Marine

Back in 1947 the government was experimenting with a Marine's ability to
complete his mission after suffering a serious head injury.
They took a well trained, physically-fit, hard-charging Cpl. and told him to
row a canoe up a river. The Cpl. jumped in the canoe, started rowing up stream
with ease and began singing, From the Halls of Montezuma, To the Shores of
The next day a team of surgeons performed a frontal lobotomy on the
Marine. Again, they took him to the river and said' row.
Again the Cpl. jumped in, took a second to find his seat, started rowing with
a little difficulty and began singing. It took a little more effort this time,
From Da Hallls of Montayuma, Two Da Stores in
Tripoli. But he made it up river and completed the task.
The next day the surgeons removed the majority of the Marines brain and took
him to the river.
The Cpl. jumped in, fell out, and began swimming up stream, singing For Da
Hails of Monte puma, to 'e hall inn monopoly. But again, he made it up
river and completed his task.
The next day the surgeons removed the remainder of the Marines brain. He had
no brain what-so-ever and no way to think logically. They took him to the
river. He fell out of the car and began singing, Hear we go, Into the wild
blue yonder....
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