The biology song 05.
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The biology song 05

Hark! The Streptococcus Brings

(Melody: Hark! The Herald = Angels Sing)

Hark! the Streptococcus brings

Strep sore throat to all who sing,

Chloraseptic doesn't cure it

Other people's sneezing lures it.

If the strep bug has a virus

Scarlet fever then arises,

Cross reaction with the heart

Causes it to come apart,

Hark! the Streptococcus totes,

Toxin and fire to all it smotes.

Pneumonia makes you cough and wheeze,

Mucus fills the lungs with sleaze

A viscous greenish oozing cloak,

That causes you to gasp and choke

Without water you can drown

If you breathe the strep germ down

Hark! The Streptococcus breeds

The misery of a bad disease

Of fecal strep in food beware,

Methane gas befouls the air,

Speedily you drop your pants

As if they held live fire ants

On the toilet you are dying

Bent in pain, guts liquefying

Hail! the Streptococcus means

Glory to those who would be lean

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