Sleeping together.
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Sleeping together

A wildlife biologist crew leader has several crews, each consisting of two
biologists. The crews camped and worked in the woods and he made his rounds to
visit each pair every few days. One particular crew, Sarah and Jim, were not
getting nearly as much work accomplished as the others, so he suspected that
they might be up to some funny business. The following day, he paid them a
s anything funny going on here? He asked.
揥hat do you mean by that??the pair asked back.
I mean, you抮e not getting much fieldwork done. Are you two, you know, maybe
doing something you抮e not supposed to do??
揂bsolutely not!?the Jim replied. ?We are strictly co-workers?
揙h yes,?the Sarah replied, ?We hike all day, record our data, return back,
and fall asleep exhausted.
揟hat right!?Jim replied, 揂nd me in my tent, and she in hers!?
The crew supervisor spent the remainder of the day in the field with the pair.
He left the field early, returned to camp, retrieved his Jeep and left the
The following day, the biologist pair had lost their $1000 GPS unit. They
searched high and low, but could not find it. It had simply disappeared from
their camp. After a few frantic days, they suspected that the crew leader had
taken it. It was the only plausible explanation. That evening, they called him
on the 2-way radio, and politely asked weather he may have inadvertently taken
the unit.
揂s a matter of fact, I did take it the day I came up to see if you two were
sleeping together. After realizing I had accidentally taken it with me from the
field, I placed it in Sarah sleeping bag where she would be sure to find it!?
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