Bill Gates dies.
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Bill Gates dies

Bill Gates dies and is at the pearly gates talking with Saint Peter. Saint
Peter says, Bill, you've done some wonderful things in your life and have
earned the right to choose where you'll spend the rest of eternity. You can
choose between Heaven and Hell, but choose wisely.

Bill looks over Saint Peter's shoulder between the pearly gates and sees
nothing but a lush green meadow. Deciding to heed Saint Peter's words, Bill asks
if he could take a look at Hell. Saint Peter agrees and sends Bill to Hell. The
Devil greets Bill at the gates of Hell and he is immediately taken aback. Much
to his surprise, there's one heck of a party going on. People are dancing, the
alcohol is flowing, music is non-stop and everyone is having a blast. Bill
returns to Heaven to again discuss his decision with Saint Peter.

He again looks over Saint Peter's shoulder and sees only a lush green meadow.
Bill says to Saint Peter, I've put a lot of thought into this decision and it
may sound foolish, but I'd like to spend the rest of eternity in Hell.

Saint Peter fulfills Bill's request and returns him to Hell. When Bill gets
back to Hell there's been a big change. People are writhing in agony, flames are
burning, and moans of pain and despair are everywhere. Bill, being quite shocked
at the sight asks the Devil, What happened?? I was just down here a little
while ago and everyone was having a great time! The Devil says, Oh that...
That was just the demo!
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