Scary collection 54.
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Scary collection 54

A witch joke

Why should men beware of beautiful witches?

They'll sweep them off their feet!

A witch joke

What sound does a witch make when she cries?

Brew-hoo, Brew-hoo!

A witch joke

Why do some witches eat raw meat?

Because they don't know how to cook!

A witch joke

Is it true that a witch won't hurt you if you run away from her?

It all depends on how fast you run!

A witch joke

What do you call a witch who murders her mum and dad?

An orphan!

A witch joke

Where is the witches temple?

On each side of her head!

A witch joke

How does a witch make scrambled eggs?

She holds the pan and gets two friends to make the stove shake with fright!

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