Scary collection 40.
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Scary collection 40

A witch joke

Why do witches scratch themselves all the time?

Because they're the only ones who know where a witch itches!

A vampire joke

Do you know that Dracula wants to be a comedian?

He's still looking for a crypt writer though!

A werewolf joke

What do you call an extinct hairy beast?

A were-wolf!

A ghost joke

Where do mummies go if they want to swim?

The Dead Sea!

A werewolf joke

What happens if you cross a werewolf and a sheep?

You have to get a new sheep!

A vampire joke

Why are vampire families so close?

Because blood is thicker than water!

A werewolf joke

What is fearsome, hairy and drinks from the wrong side of a glass?

A werewolf with hiccups!

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