Scary collection 34.
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Scary collection 34

A cannibal joke

What do pygmy cannibals eat for breakfast?

Weedie Bix!

A ghost joke

Why were ancient Egyptian children confused?

Because their daddies were mummies!

A cannibal joke

What happened when the cannibal crossed the Atlantic on the QE2?

He told the waiter to take the menu away and bring him the passenger list!

A ghost joke

Where do ghosts live?

In dread-sitters!

A ghost joke

How do you know if your being haunted by a parrot?

He keeps going ooo's a pretty boy then!

A vampire joke

What did the vampire say to the wolfman?

You look like your going to the dogs!

A vampire joke

What's the difference between a vampire and a biscuit?

You don't know?

Well don't try dunking a vampire in your tea!

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