Scary collection 22.
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Scary collection 22

A skeleton joke

What did the skeleton say to his girlfriend?

I love every bone in your body!

A werewolf joke

Why did the small werewolf bite the womans ankle?

Because he couldn't reach any higher!

A werewolf joke

What happened when the werewolf chewed a bone for an hour?

When he got up he only had three legs!

A witch joke

What did one witch say to another when they left the cinema?

Do you want to walk home or shall we take the broom!

A witch joke

What makes more noise than an angry witch?

Two angry witches!

A skeleton joke

Why don't skeletons play music in church?

They have no organs!

A skeleton joke

Why wasn't the naughty skeleton afraid of the police?

Because he knew they couldn't pin anything on him!

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