Pilot wanted.
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Pilot wanted

The sugar cane farm outside of Crowley Louisiana closes down and 2 Cajuns find
themselves out of work. They can't find any work, so one of their friends
suggests they visit the state job office in Lafayette.

The job man asks Tibedeaux what he does for a living. Tibedeaux says, I'm a
pilot? The man says, Oh good. We got lots of jobs for deem dare pilots. You go
sit over dere and we get you fixed right up. Beaming, Tibedeaux goes to sit

Next, the man asks Boudreaux the same question. Boudreaux say, Well...
all I ever done is cut down dat sugar cane. The man says, Oh. Dat not so good.
Not a lot of sugar cane jobs dis year. I might not be able to help you.

Boudreaux, he gets mad. He says, Hey! You tell me you can't help me but you
gonna fix my friend up over dere. What's da matter wid you?

The man replies that Tibeadeaux is a pilot. Boudreaux replies: Well... if I
don't cut it, how he gonna pile it, huh?

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