Redneck and his redneck wife.
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Redneck and his redneck wife

There once was a redneck and his redneck wife. The wife didn抰 want another
child, and asked the redneck husband to get surgery so he can抰 impregnate his
The redneck goes to a very expensive doctor. The doctor who is in a hurry and
is sure the redneck cant pay for his operation, just hands the redneck a
firecracker and says, Light this, hold it, and count to 10? The redneck is
confused but the doctor seems to know what has doing.
The redneck goes home and lights the firecracker. And he starts counting with
the aid of his fingers...
1...2...3...4...5... The redneck pauses, puts the firecracker between his
legs and resumes counting on the other hand....

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