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   Police Jokes
1. Time for the wedding (5/9/2010)
    A police officer stopped a motorist who was speeding down Main Street. But officer, the man began, I can explain. Just be quiet, snapped the officer. I'm going
2. Go give us a donation (5/9/2010)
    Traffic was backed up for miles, the police were going car to car. When they got to my car I asked the officer what was going on. He said It's Al Gore. He's up
3. A test for being drunk (5/9/2010)
    A police officer pulls over this guy who had been weaving in and out of the lanes. He goes up to the guy's window and says, Sir, I need you to blow into this b
4. A prisoner with skills (5/9/2010)
    Several years ago, Andy was sentenced to prison. During his stay, he got along well with the guards and all his fellow inmates. The warden saw that deep down,
5. He is extremely drunk (5/9/2010)
    Late one Friday night the policeman spotted a man driving very erratically through the streets of Dublin. They pulled the man over and asked him if he had been
6. Try to catch the rabbit (5/9/2010)
    The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), The FBI, and the CIA are all trying to prove that they are the best at apprehending criminals. The President decides
7. Rookie is on the job (5/9/2010)
    A rookie police officer was out for his first ride in a cruiser with an experienced partner. A call came in telling them to disperse some people who were loite
8. The reason for running (5/9/2010)
    A police officer attempts to stop a car for speeding and the guy gradually increases his speed until he's topping 100 mph. He eventually realizes he can't esca
9. Dealing with a juggler (5/9/2010)
    Juggler, driving to his next performance, was stopped by the police. What are those knives doing in your car? asked the officer. I juggle them in my act. Oh
10. Getting in an accident (5/9/2010)
    A Rabbi and a Priest are driving one day and, by a freak accident, have a head-on collision with tremendous force. Both cars are totally demolished, but amazi
11. Lost far from a home (5/9/2010)
    A police car pulls up in front of grandma Bessie's house, and grandpa Morris gets out. The polite policeman explained that this elderly gentleman said that he
12. Prison Versus Housewives (5/9/2010)
    In prison, you get three square meals a day. At home, you cook three square meals a day and try to get your kids to eat it. In prison, you get an hour each d
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