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1. Dont arrest the judge (5/9/2010)
    A squad car driver was covering a quiet beat out in the sticks when he was amazed to find a former lieutenant on the police force covering the beat. He stopped
2. Make a last request (5/9/2010)
    Two men, sentenced to die in the electric chair on the same day were led down to the room in which they would meet their maker. The priest had given the last r
3. Charged for speeding (5/9/2010)
    A man was speeding down a Alabama highway, feeling secure in a gaggle of cars all traveling at the same speed. However, as they passed a speed trap, he got nai
4. Policemen in Heaven (5/9/2010)
    St Peter is standing at heaven's gate when a man walks up. Welcome to heaven my son. What did you do with your life? I was a policeman, he responded. What kind
5. The new CIA agents (5/9/2010)
    Three men are going through CIA training, trying to become secret agents. They finally got through all their written and physical tests when they are pulled as
6. Request before death (5/9/2010)
    A murderer, sitting in the electric chair, was about to be executed. Have you any last requests? asked the chaplain. Yes, replied the murderer. Will you hold
7. Warning all shoplifters (5/9/2010)
    Warning to shoplifters: Anyone caught shoplifting will be beaten, gagged, whipped and tortured. Any survivors will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
8. Judge has some fun (5/9/2010)
    A judge grew tired of seeing the same town drunk in front of his bench. One day the judge glared down at the man, who was still intoxicated, and thundered It i
9. Undercover detective (5/9/2010)
    A tourist asks a man in uniform, Are you a policeman? No, I am an undercover detective. So why are you in uniform? Today is my day off.
10. How fast was I going? (5/9/2010)
    When I saw you driving down the road, I guessed 55 at least. You're wrong, officer, it's only my hat that makes me look that old.
11. Where is your wife? (5/9/2010)
    On a rural road a state trooper pulled this farmer over and said: Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of the car several miles back? To which the farmer rep
12. Prison vs. full-time job (5/9/2010)
    Prison life versus a full-time job In prison you spend the majority of your time in an 8' X 10' cell. At work you spend most of your time in a 6' X 8' cubicle.
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