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1. Men and microwave dinners (5/8/2010)
   Why do men like frozen microwave dinners so much? They like being able to both eat and make love in less than 5 minutes.
2. Men and pms (5/8/2010)
   Q: Why don't men have PMS? A: What would be the point, they act like that all the time.
3. Seminars For Men: (5/8/2010)
   1. Combating Stupidity. 2. You Can Do Housework Too. 3. PMS - Learning When to Keep Your Mouth Shut. 4. How to Fill an Ice Tray. 5. We do not Want Sleazy Undert
4. Man crossing road (5/8/2010)
   Q: Why did the man cross the road? A: He heard the chicken was a slut.
5. Beer on hand (5/8/2010)
   Q: What is a man doing when he pours beer on his hand? A: Getting his date drunk.
6. Men like diapers (5/8/2010)
   Q: Why are men like diapers? a: Because there always on your ass and usually full of s***.
7. Daddys bird (5/8/2010)
   There was this dad who was so unbelievably shy, and when his little daughter first saw him naked and wondered what his 'thingy' was, he answered; Well, err...
8. Top 10 - dogs better than men (5/8/2010)
   10. More sophisticated fashion sense. 9. Love to dance. 8. Willing to sleep on rug and fetch on command. 7. Spend less time worrying about hair loss. 6. Old bud
9. Wig problems (5/8/2010)
   A middle-aged guy who was stark bald bought a hairpiece to see if he could increase his attractiveness. That same night, he decided to try it out. He picked u
10. Top 10 answers by men to dumb questions (5/8/2010)
   1.No we can't be friends, i just want you for sex. 2.The dress doesn't make you look fat, it抯 all that f****** ice cream and chocolate you eat that makes you l
11. Mans heart (5/8/2010)
   Q: What's the fastest way to a man's heart? A: Through his chest with a sharp knife.
12. Car treatment (5/8/2010)
   Q: Why would women be better off if men treated them like cars? A: At least then they would get a little attention every 6 months or 10,000 miles, whichever ca
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