Wash it please.
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Wash it please

A man comes home at the evening after the work. His wife meets him, kisses
him. The man is surprised with a such sudden change. He sits at a table in
kitchen, but the wife informs him:
Honey, our ratio抯 transfer to the market ratios. Supper costs $5.
The husband has estimated and decided it isn't too expensive. He has agreed.
The wife lays the table. The husband pays off. After the supper he gives a shirt
to her and says:
Wash it, please.
It costs $3 the wife answers.
The husband pays $3 to her. The wife washes. The time for going to bed. The
man touches his wife, but she says:
It costs $10.
But I have only $7 left the husband responds, turns back and asleep.
The man wakes up at the night because of the noise. He sees a light in all
rooms. His wife looking for something in a handbag. He asks her:
What are you looking for?
I am looking for $3 to lend you.
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