Family Life.
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Family Life

We have a traditional marriage. . . My husband goes out and gets the bacon,
and I stay home and burn it.
I'm a terrible housekeeper; even my little white lies are tattletale gray.
My housekeeping is so bad..... that after doing it for 21 years I抦 still not
on a first name basis with Mr. Clean.
I'm a terrible cook...its official...Ralph Nader came over and declared my
Cuisinart unsafe at any speed.
Motherhood is an unfair job, it requires you have all the fun before it even
I must be an agnostic. Most of the time I doubt God's existence, but on the
first day of school . . . I'm a believer.
They live under your roof, they eat your food, they spend your money . . .
then they get married . . . hire live-in maids and break your heart.
I'm at that awkward age: I have a kid who can't wait to get behind the wheel
of a car and I can't manage without bifocals.
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