What happened?.
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What happened?

A courtroom is full; a man is being tried for injuring a passer-by by dropping
a refrigerator from the third floor.
The prosecutor questions the defendant. Defendant, tell us what happened.
I came back home from a business trip and felt something was wrong. My wife
was obviously very nervous. I asked her straight, Where is he? She wouldn't
say. Suddenly I see him through the window running by and wearing only skivvies.
Naturally, I was enraged, so I picked up the refrigerator and pushed it through
the window aiming at the bastard.
Victim, the prosecutor says, now tell us your story.
I was jogging that morning as I do every day. Suddenly, there was that
refrigerator falling. I scarcely managed to get away, but still it hurt my
The prosecutor says, Now the witness. What is your story? Where is the
Two nurses lead the witness to the stand. He is all wrapped in
Witness, tell your story.
Well, I was just sitting in that damned refrigerator when......
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