British attorney.
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British attorney

A young British attorney came to his office all in bruises and scratches.
What happened to you?' a colleague asked.
Oh, it's some bloody story. Yester eve, I came home from the club, and what I
see in my dining room! There was that frog. Just a small female frog. I took a
seat at the table, when she said in perfect English, 'If you're a gentleman,
shouldn't you offer me a seat at your table?' Surprised as I was, being a
gentleman, I did as she asked. I took a swig of brandy, and she said, 'No brandy
for me?' Well, as a gentleman, I poured brandy for her, and the bloody frog
drank it in one gulp. Then I had a slice of a pudding, and she said, 'What about
me?' What would you do? Of course, as a gentleman, I shared the pudding with
her. Then I undressed and went to bed. The bloody frog said, 'What about me?'
So, I took her into the bed. As soon as she was in the bed, she at once
transformed into a young lady, and completely naked to that! At that time my
wife unexpectedly walked in. I told her the entire story, but she wouldn't
believe me!

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