A man and a Doberman.
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A man and a Doberman

Hank was amazed at the length of the funeral procession going down Main
Street. Watching awhile he observed that the cortege consisted entirely of men.
A man holding a Doberman led it.

His curiosity got the best of him and walked up to the man at the front of the
line. Excuse me for interrupting you in your time of grief, said Hank,
politely. But I've never seen such a funeral procession. Would you mind
telling me who it's for?

It's for my mother-in-law, explained the mourner. Tightening the leash, he
gestured down at the dog and said, My Doberman here killed her.

Gee, that's terrible? commiserated Hank? but hmmm.... i s there any way you
could lend me your dog for a day or so?

The bereaved son-in-law pointed his thumb over his shoulder and answered, Get
in line!
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