"he s*** the bed and turned blue, miss".
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"he s*** the bed and turned blue, miss"

Its the first day back after the holidays for the primary ones (first
graders), and the teacher decides to ask each of the children to tell a small
story about their fathers.
so the teacher points to little katy and asks, katy, what does your daddy
work as?
and katy replies my daddy's an aircraft pilot, and he flies people all over
the world and makes them very happy.
the teacher then asks little david what his daddy does.
my daddy is a postman, miss, and he delivers letters and parcels to people
sent from all over the place, and he makes people happy.
the teacher turns to little susan and is about to ask the same question as the
others, but susan suddenly bursts into tears. the teacher rushes over to console
her. whets wrong susan?
my daddy is dead, miss she replies.
aww.... i didn't know that. i'm so sorry
it's ok she choked out, through tears.
so tell me susan, what did your father do before he died?
he s*** the bed and turned blue, miss
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