Green up.
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Green up

Mrs. McKenzie was showing Corbett, the contractor, through the second floor of
her new house to show him what colors to paint the rooms. I'd like the bathroom
done in white!

Corbett walked over to the window and shouted, Green up! Green up!

I want the bedroom in blue! continued the woman.

The contractor listened and yelled out the window, Green up! Green up!

The halls should be done in beige! she instructed. Again, the man barked out
the window, Green up! Green up!

Will you stop that?! shouted the woman. Every time I give you a color, all
you do is shout 'Green up!' What the devil does that mean?

'Tm real sorry, ma'am! explained Corbett. But I got three Oklahoma
basketball players down there tryin' to put in the front lawn!

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