The pretzel hold.
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The pretzel hold

There is this wrestling championship held every year between everyone in the
world. It comes down between an American and a Russian wrestler. In the locker
room the American抯 coach is telling him that the Russian has this move that
nobody has ever got out of. He tells him that it's the Pretzel hold and that the
Russian has won every year with that move.
So the American keeps this in mind and goes out to the ring to fight The match
starts and the American starts winning so his ego kicks in and turns his back on
the Russian then the Russian puts the pretzel hold on the American So the
Americans coach sees this and goes back to the locker room.
All of a sudden the coach hears the American side cheering so the coach heads
back out to see whets going on.To his surprise the American wrestler has won the
match. So the coach rusher up to the American and asks what did you do to get
out of the pretzel hold because nobody has ever got out of that hold.So the
American looks at the coach and says well I got all tied up in the pretzel hold
and there for a moment I thought I was done for, but then I saw these hairy nuts
hanging in front of my face so I bit them. And man it's amazing what you can do
when you bite your own nuts!!

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