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After the end of the finnish war, a young female reporter from a british
newspaper was sent to finland to write an article about the soldiers
home-coming. she had interviewed half a dozen, when she met pokka on the street.

excuse me, she said but were you in the war?

yah, i was in the infantry.

would you mind to answer a few questions for a newspaper article?

ned, i wouldn't mind at all.

when you came home, when the war was over, what was the first thing you did?

i f***** my wife. pokka said bluntly. the journalist went crimson, and
tried desperately to change the subject.

after that. i mean, what you did after that?

i f***** her again. he answered. if possible the journalist turned even
redder, and got even more desperate to change the subject.

other than that! uh - what did you do when you was finished with all that?!

then i untapped my skis and my heavy backpack.

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