Is That a Record.
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Is That a Record

In the good old days of the golden oldies, most records were sold on the Decca

Henry Buses had a hot hit titled, Hot Lips. A lady heard the record on the
radio and decided that she just had to have it. She looked up the number for the
record shop and called them.

Unfortunately, she misdialed and, instead of reaching the record store, she
got Hank's Auto Body.

She said, Do you have 'Hot Lips' on a ten-inch Decca?

Hank, who had answered the phone himself, said, Well, uh, ma'am, no, but I do
have hot nuts under a ten-inch pecker!

A slight pause.

The lady said, Is that a record?

I don't know, ma'am, but it's a damned good average.
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