So even ugly people can have sex..
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So even ugly people can have sex.

The madam was experiencing hard times and began losing money. Finally, in an
effort to save her house, she decided to replace her girls with inflatable
The first evening, two drunks stumbled in, paid their money, and repaired
upstairs. A half hour later they came down and went to the bar next door to
compare notes.
They sat there staring blearily at one another, and after a while the first
drunk said, I think mine was dead.
Dead? asked the second drunk? How come you think she was dead?
Well, said the first drunk, she didn't talk, she didn't move - she didn't
do anything.
They sat a few more minutes, and then the second drunk said, Well, I think
mine was a witch.
A witch? How come? asked the first drunk.
Well, he said, when I leaned over to nibble her breast, she suddenly let
out a long, loud fart and flew out the window.
[Tag]:So even ugly people can have sex.
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