Massively Kew Knock Knock Jokes!!!.
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Massively Kew Knock Knock Jokes!!!

Knock, knock
who there?
Sorry, wrong door.

Knock, knock
who there?
Federal Express
Federal Express who?
I don know. I just deliver packages.

Knock, knock
who there?
Tom who?
Tom Buchanan.
Hi Tom.

Who there?
Pizza delivery guy.
Pizza delivery guy who?
You ordered a pizza?
I抦 the guy delivering it.

Who there?
Susan who?
Susan Caldwell.
I抣l be right out, Susan.

Knock, knock
who there.
You might be a redneck if? You think tobacco is a vegetable.
You might be a redneck if? You think tobacco is a vegetable who?
I thought this was a redneck joke.
Nope. It a knock, knock joke.

Knock, knock
who there?
Boo who
don get so upset, crybaby!
Ha! Ha! I made you say 揵oo-hook?
You抮e a real idiot.
That wasn necessary.

who there?
Creeping penis.
Creeping penis who?
I抦 not crazy; I just need to get off this island. The doctors don believe I
invented the chocolate 閏lair. But I did. I抦 going to burn them all and drink
soup from their skulls! Happy soup! Untie me and I抣l kill you last!

Knock, knock
you mama
you mama who?
You mama so fat, she caught a flesh-eating virus and that was three years ago.

I bet you抮e fat, huh?
I抦? Br> you are, aren you? Fat!
I抦 plumpish.

Knock, knock
who there?
?bra>? Bra> Hello? FBI! Let us in!
?bra> 卬obody hereby> Oh. Let go boys!

Knock, knock
who there?
There a dead old woman in your driveway.
There a dead old woman in your driveway who?
No. Seriously. There a dead old woman in your driveway.
Actually, that just my piss-drunk bar slut of a grandmother. She sells
toothless mouth love for 搈ind eraser? Shooters at the Tyson Mall TGIFriday.
Let the whore sleep it off.

Knock, knock
who there?
Henry who?
Henry Kissinger. Did you know that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac?
I抦 not opening the door Henry.

Knock, knock
Tremble mortal and despair? It is I, THE ANGEL OF DEATH!
Tremble mortal and despair? It is I, THE ANGEL OF DEATH who?
Actually, I抦 here for Jones in #D1 but I need to take a monster crap and I
hate to kill and THEN use the bathroom, you know? It rude and the other way
around, well it ruins my dramatic entrance. Sober> you want to use my toilet?
Go right ahead.
Got anything to read?
Just the crossword.
You finished it.
Hold my scythe.
Hey! Don forget to light a match.
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