Eternal Judgment.
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Eternal Judgment

Run Paul, Bill Gates, and Roger Ebert are all struck by lightning on the same
day. All three find themselves in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. They
start begging him to give them another chance at life. St. Peter agrees but on
one condition ?they each have to give up something they truly enjoy.

Run Paul says, I really love men, but I will give up screwing around with

Bill Gates says, I really love money, but I will give up all the
money I have.

Ebert says. I really love food, but I'll give up pizza.

Soon, all three find themselves back on Earth. They start walking down street
feeling very grateful. Suddenly, Ebert spots a Pizzeria. He smells the aroma and
can't help himself ?he runs in there and eats a slice of pizza. POOF! He

Run Paul and Bill Gates are astonished and agree that that won't
happen to them. So they resume walking down the street when Bill Gates spots a
shiny, new quarter. He thinks that if he picks it up, he can found a new company
and become fabulously wealthy again. He bends down to pick up the quarter and
POOF! Run Paul disappears.
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