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1. Keep off the Grass (5/9/2010)
   A nurse was on duty in the Emergency Room, when a young woman with purple hair styled into a punk rocker Mohawk, sporting a variety of tattoos, and wearing st
2. Avoiding the headache (5/9/2010)
   A man is having terrible headaches. He can't sleep, eat, think, or do much of anything because of the pain. Several doctors examined him and couldn't determin
3. The smile test (5/9/2010)
   A noted therapist realizes that people often lie about the frequency of their encounters, so he devises a test to tell for certain how often someone has sex.
4. Wrong operation (5/9/2010)
   Doc, says steve, i want to be castrated. what on earth for? asks the doctor in amazement. it's something i've been thinking about for a long time and i want t
5. Migraine headaches (5/9/2010)
   A man goes to the doctor with a long history of migraine headaches. When the doctor does his history and physical, he discovers that his poor patient has had
6. Naming children (5/9/2010)
   A pregnant woman from Virginia was involved in a car accident and, while in the hospital, she fell into a coma. When she awoke days later, the woman noticed t
7. In a bank queue (5/9/2010)
   In a long line of people waiting for a bank teller, one guy suddenly started massaging the back of the person in front of him. Surprised, the man in front tur
8. 7-UP (5/9/2010)
   I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital after my wife had gone into labor and the nurse walked out and said to the man sitting next to me, Congratul
9. Aint That a Kick in the Head! (5/9/2010)
   A man who had just undergone a very complicated operation kept complaining about a bump on his head and a terrible headache. Since his operation had been an i
10. Canine Complex (5/9/2010)
   A man walked into the office of the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Von Vermouth, and sat down to explain his problem. Well, you see, I've got this problem, the man
11. The Change (5/9/2010)
   A woman goes to the doctor and says, Doctor, Doctor, you have to help me. Every time I go to the bathroom, DIMES come out! The doctor tells her to relax, go h
12. Confusion (5/9/2010)
   A psychiatrist visited a California mental institution and asked a patient, How did you get here? What was the nature of your illness? He got this reply... W
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