The American and the Frenchman.
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The American and the Frenchman

An American, wearing Bermuda shorts, T-shirt, and a baseball cap, walks into a
caf? chewing on gum. He sits next to this French guy who is trying to enjoy his
breakfast and is not in the mood for small talk.
The American, aware of the Frenchman's mood, tries to be smart. He sees the
man eating a roll with jelly and decides to remark on that.
You French people eat the entire roll of bread?! he says in an astonished
Yes, replies the Frenchman and resumes eating.
Not us, says the American. We only eat the inside and then throw the crust
in a container, process it and sell it to the French as croissants.
The Frenchman calmly ignores him and continues to eat.
Eww... says the American, You eat your bread with that jelly?
Yes, says the Frenchman.
Not us, says the American, We only eat fresh fruits. Then we throw the peal
in a container, process it and sell it to the French as jelly.
Really? says the Frenchman, And what do you do with your used condoms?
Taken aback, the American says, Uhh... we just throw them away.
Not us, said the Frenchman, We throw them in a container, process them, and
sell it as gum to the Americans.
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