Bulgy Protrudy Is What They Call Me.
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Bulgy Protrudy Is What They Call Me

This middle-aged guy wakes up one morning and notices that his eyes are
bulging and his ears are protruding. He becomes very concerned. So he goes to
his doctor and asks him what is wrong with him. The doctor told him that he has
a rare disease that will require him to take this medication for several months
to clear up the disease, however the medication will make his hair fall out
Several months later the guy's eyes are still bulging and his ears are still
protruding - more so now that his hair is gone. So this time he goes to a
different doctor who informs him that he has a prostate problem and that they
will have to remove his testicles. So the guy has the surgery only to find out
months later, his eyes are still bulging and his ears are still protruding.

Determined to find out what is wrong with him he goes to another doctor who
tells him that the nerves in his hands are pinching the nerve endings in his
ears and his eyes and the only way to resolve the problem is to have his hands
amputated. Sadly, the guy lets his hands be amputated.

On a follow-up visit to this doctor the doctor informs him that while they
were doing the surgery on his hands, they found that the man has a terminal
cancer and that he only has months to live. The guy is hysterical at this point
and resolves that if he only has months to live he is going to live it up. So he
goes out to buy a brand new sports car, new furniture, and a new wardrobe.
However, when he went to order some custom shirts, the tailor told him he took a
17-inch neck.

No, I've always taken a 15-inch neck.

But sir, you have a 17-inch neck.

Listen - I'm 45 years old, and for the past 30 years I've taken a 15-inch

Okay, I'll do it. But you do know what happens when the neck is too small?


It makes your eyes bulge and your ears protrude.
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